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CityCentreHotels is a hotel booking company based in Dublin, Ireland. The company operates an extensive network of websites, including affiliates which are powered by a state of the art booking system. Our internet service is supported by a telephone call centre; manned by our enthusiastic, knowledgeable sales team from 8AM to 7PM daily.

The company started life in 1999 as a "one man band" operating from a back bedroom! Since then, it has grown considerably and in 2006 we placed 120,000 room nights on behalf of our customers

Although the company has grown, the business philosophy has remained the same. In essence, our objective is always to be "Better and Nicer people to do business with".

This may sound a bit wishy washy, but what it means is that we take great lengths to ensure that our customers, staff , hotels and other suppliers are happy with us and with the way we do business.

Although our booking system is top of the class, what really makes us special is the quality of the team that supports it.

At the end of the day, its the relationship with our customers that is most important. We try very hard not to forget this and to ensure that we don't take our customers for granted.

Thank you very much for visiting our website!

Philip Troy

Managing Director


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